Harvests Archive

2017 harvest

Harvests Archive / 03 November 2017 / by Paolo Demarie
The year 2017 will be remembered as the earliest of the last decade, as well as the vintage with the lowest yields. It was characterized by a mild winter, with… Read More

2016 harvest

Harvests Archive / 25 January 2017 / by Paolo Demarie
After 2014 was characterized by heavy rainfall and, by contrast, 2015 had almost no rainfall and higher summer temperatures than average, with 2016 we have returned to more a regular… Read More

2015 harvest

Harvests Archive / 06 October 2015 / by Paolo Demarie
“Five stars vintage” said Aldo Demarie with a smile referring to this vintage. In terms of the weather, it was comparable to 2007. 2015… Read More

2014 Harvest

Harvests Archive / 03 February 2015 / by Paolo Demarie
Given the weather pattern early in the season, we might have expected a disastrous vintage in 2014. Instead, thanks to a favorable end to the season, the quality of the… Read More

2013 harvest

Harvests Archive / 20 December 2013 / by Paolo Demarie
In Piedmont, the harvest started late compared to last year, but in line with a classic vintage. The climate throughout the year has led to a great growth of… Read More

2012 Harvest

Harvests Archive / 06 September 2012 / by Paolo Demarie
The year seems to be very similar to 2003 and 2007, years characterized by a significant and prolonged hot in the summer, that leads… Read More

2008 harvest

Harvests Archive / 01 September 2008 / by Paolo Demarie
The year 2008 was characterized by cold and rainy May and June, this has significantly slowed production cycle. After mid-August the weather has been restored and recreated the optimal conditions… Read More

2007 harvest

Harvests Archive / 20 September 2007 / by Paolo Demarie
The year 2007 was characterized by a significant advance compared to other years. The winter was mild, with temperatures that never dropped below zero, in May there were abundant rains. Read More