Demarie Azienda Agricola

Three generations of winegrowers, a great passion for the territory expressed through genuine wines, representative of the character of Roero.


Respect for the environment and targeted varietal choices

Our wines are a symbol of the territory, and as such they are produced with the utmost respect for the ecosystem.

To do this, in the vineyard we apply the rules of integrated pest management practices, ensuring that every agricultural phase is sustainable and appropriate for the micro-area in question. This influences the choices during pruning, thinning and harvesting, as well as the subsequent selection of the bunches that allows us to guarantee quality wines.

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The selection

Our wines

Soft pressing, fermentation at a controlled temperature and aging in wood are aimed at enhancing the natural characteristics of the grapes while maintaining their aromatic integrity.

Visits and tastings

Come visit us!

Discover the great wines of Roero, a land still hardly touched by mass tourism, and still to be explored, even from a gastronomic point of view.

The surroundings

We are in the Roero, on the left bank of the Tanaro river, in a small paradise of hills and vineyards.

A land with a sandy soil and rich in marine fossil residues, the Roero is a discreet, fascinating and unique beauty.

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The Demarie cultivate their own vineyards on the sunny slopes of the Roero through methods compatible with the preservation of the natural environment …

da I Vini di Veronelli

The past harvests

Each year the grapes change, and take on unique characteristics acquired by the climate variables.

These characters are then transmitted to wines, which through a careful vinification process fully reflect the peculiarities of the grapes of origin. Discover the archive of past vintages, with all the details on climate and harvest times.

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New packaging

Fairs & Events / 12 May 2020 / by Monica Bizzini
We would have liked to present you the new packaging we had been working on for months at the ProWein and Vinitaly fairs, but unfortunately it was not possible. Meeting… Read More