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2013 harvest

Written by Monica Bizzini on 20 December 2013

vendemmia 2013
In Piedmont, the harvest started late compared to last year, but in line with a classic vintage. The climate throughout the year has led to a great growth of the vines: in fact the winter was characterized by ample rainfall, which allowed a good vegetative cycle of the vine due to a good supply of water. In spring, temperatures have remained low until late May, so the phase of germination was delayed by at least a month. This delay, however, was recovered by the heat wave in the summer.

Our harvest began on September 20th with the Arneis, and ended with Nebbiolo on October 16th, in the period of the mists, as if to confirm the reason why the nebbiolo has this name. Before beginning the harvest we did a good job of thinning, since the production of grapes was high, this has allowed us to increase the quality of the remaining grapes to harvest and therefore only the finest grapes.

After the heat of August, September has seen a drop in temperatures, especially at night. The remarkable thermal excursion between day and night has led to a good quality of the grapes.
The vintage 2013 promises to be good, because of the climatic conditions that have distinguished. The wines of this vintage have an interesting potential that we will see over the next few months.