Harvests Archive

2008 harvest

Harvests Archive / 01 September 2008 / by Monica Bizzini
The year 2008 was characterized by cold and rainy May and June, this has significantly slowed production cycle. After mid-August the weather has been restored and recreated the optimal conditions… Read More

2007 harvest

Harvests Archive / 20 September 2007 / by Monica Bizzini
The year 2007 was characterized by a significant advance compared to other years. The winter was mild, with temperatures that never dropped below zero, in May there were abundant rains. Read More

2006 harvest

Harvests Archive / 15 September 2006 / by Monica Bizzini
The year 2006 has had a pretty hard winter with heavy snowfall and spring characterized by unstable weather. The summer began with temperatures higher than the seasonal average, especially in… Read More