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2015 harvest

Written by Monica Bizzini on 06 October 2015

“Five stars vintage” said Aldo Demarie with a smile referring to this vintage. In terms of the weather, it was comparable to 2007.

2015 had a mild winter, with several rainfalls and some snow, enough to create a good supply of water to handle the extreme and consistent heat that occurred in June, July and part of August.

Fungal attacks were very limited, consequently the treatments in the vineyards were reduced to a minimum.

Harvest began on September 3, a little earlier than last year, and ended with a party in the winery on September 30th.

This year we welcomed kindergarteners to help us with harvest. They stomped the grapes with their feet, just like we crushed them in the past.

The production would have been more abundant than average, if there had not been a natural thinning due to the sun that burned some bunches, drying part of the grapes. The sun also resulted in a considerable charge of polyphenols in the grape skins, which determine the color of the wine, and a high sugar content that will lead to half a degree of alcohol more than the average, and at least one degree compared to the 2014 vintage.

The harvested grapes were of a quality that was above all expectations.

During this season we chronicle the changes of a bunch of Nebbiolo grapes as it matured and we will continue to monitor the vinification process with photos of the various stepson the way to the bottle. #FollowThatGrape