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2014 Harvest

Written by Monica Bizzini on 03 February 2015

Given the weather pattern early in the season, we might have expected a disastrous vintage in 2014.

Instead, thanks to a favorable end to the season, the quality of the vinified grapes was higher than expected.

After a mild winter, the spring was early causing an advance in the vegetative growth of the vines. Summer temperatures were normal but there was a much higher quantity and intensity of rain than average. This led to considerable extra work in the vineyard to bring healthy grapes to ripeness and avoid fungal attacks caused by high humidity. Fortunately, our area was spared the attacks of hail that affected other areas of the Langhe.

September and October gave us beautiful days, allowing the grapes, especially the red grapes, to ripen fully, which had been likely to be harvested with less than optimal ripeness.

The result of this “strange” vintage is that Arneis has an alcohol content a little lower than the previous year, but with good freshness and great fragrance.
Among the red grapes, Dolcetto suffered more the than Barbera and Nebbiolo and is therefore lighter than in recent years. The Barbera shows its classical fresh and fruity character.
The Nebbiolo was really surprising, it arrived at optimal ripeness with beautiful, healthy grapes. Nebbiolo, thanks to an attentive work in the vineyard, demonstrated its ability to withstand adverse climatic conditions. For Nebbiolo we could even speak of a great year, but we will only see in the evolution of the wine.