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Roero Arneis 2020 Organic

Written by Monica Bizzini on 22 March 2021

 Finally our Roero Arneis 2020 ORGANIC has arrived!

 Healthy, ethical and sustainable wine.

After the necessary 3 years of conversion from traditional agriculture, we are happy to present you the first organic certified wine from Cantina Demarie!

A wine that reflects the values ​​we believe in: genuineness, respect for the environment, consumer protection.

For us, organic wine is not a trend, it is not a “sector product”, it is not a new way of drinking, instead it is a return to origins.

Wine is organic when it meets both of these criteria:

  1. grapes are produced without chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc …) and without OGM
  2. the vinification takes place with oenological products and through processes permitted by EU Regulation 203/2012.

We believe that the commitment to environmental sustainability practices doesn’t end only in a better product quality but instead also represents a daily and important action of responsibility. The possibility of producing wines capable of expressing the identity of our territory has a fundamental premise in the protection of natural resources and in the care of the environment in which our vineyards are grown.

This is only the first of the organic wines we produce… other news are coming. Stay tuned!

And now… what are you waiting for tasting it?