Sustainability - a "green" Winery -

Written by Monica Bizzini on 02 July 2021

For our company, sustainability, respect for the environment and the use of natural resources are a priority.

We believe that each of us must acquire greater sensitivity towards the environment, in small daily choices. For this reason, when we started building the new winery in 2013 we felt that the only way forward was to follow the rules of environmental sustainability.

As sustainable winery we perform exactly the same functions as a traditional winery, but we do it using renewable resources to achieve the final result.

These were our choices in the construction of the new cellar:


In our cellar, the south-facing pitch of the roof is entirely covered with photovoltaic solar panels, for a total power of 71.76 KWp. This photoboltaic system completely covers our electricity needs, also allowing us to sell the excess.


Biomasses are among the renewable sources because the CO2 emitted for energy production does not increase that present in the environment. Ours is a wood chip boiler that uses wood chips produced from waste from the wood industry and agriculture (in our case, the pruning of vines).


Constructed wetland is a system of natural purification of waste water that reproduces the self-purification principle typical of aquatic plants and wetlands. Our plant purifies the water through marsh plants and allows us to reuse them for the irrigation of the company’s green spaces.


The energy certification evaluates the energy performance of buildings based on the consumption required to maintain the indoor climate. The materials used in the construction, such as wood and bricks, as well as some advanced insulation techniques, help us to contain heat loss. Thanks to these measures we obtained the A + energy certification, the highest certification for buildings.

We believe it is essential to combine our production and economic needs with respect for the environment and its natural ecosystems, since the future of quality viticulture also depends on sustainability. This is why our choices also follow this direction in the care of the vineyards and in the company packaging, which we will talk about in a future article.