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LUIGI, Demarie’s first Pét-Nat

Written by Monica Bizzini on 28 April 2021

Let us introduce you to LUIGI, our Pét-Nat!

A new exciting wine that proves our interest in experimenting, growing and evolving.

Luigi is a “fun” wine, naturally sparkling, authentic and energetic.

How is it produced?

Made with Arneis grapes, “Luigi” is a Pét-Nat, short for the French term Pétillant Naturelle.

The French call this process méthode ancestral as it was probably a production model adopted for centuries to make sparkling wine.

A single fermentation

Unlike Metodo Classico, Pét-Nat undergoes a single fermentation: it is bottled during alcoholic fermentation, when not all of the natural sugars of the grapes are yet exhausted. In this way the carbon dioxide produced by the end of the fermentation gets trapped in the bottle, giving its sparkliness to the wine.

No disgorgement

Differently from most sparkling wines that undergo disgorgement, in Luigi the sediment remains in the bottle, making it turbid, protecting it naturally and giving it a more intense flavor.

Rebel & unpredictable

Pét-Nat is unpredictable, as there is no control over fermentation, making each bottle unique and slightly different from the others.

It is the image of rebel wines, of unexpected bubbles: crown cap, low pressure and low alcohol content, but high drinkability.

The label we have chosen, designed by Furio Foa, represents a colorful fish that doesn’t listen to what others say – preferring the music – and swims against the tide, just as this wine goes its own way, without following the strict rules of production regulations.

A lively and versatile table wine

The nose has clear notes of orange blossom, mandarin peel, fresh bread and white flowers. It is suitable for many courses: light dishes, Asian cuisine, burgers and “fish and chips”.

How to enjoy it at its best?

To taste it fully, we suggest you turn it over gently, so as to bring the sediment into suspension and make the wine cloudy, or cool the wine in a vertical position and pour it gently to prevent the sediment from falling into the glass.

Luigi is an authentic and natural wine capable of maintaining original aromas and scents.