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How we face coronavirus

Written by Monica Bizzini on 17 March 2020

Italy is living a quite challenging situation due to the spread of the Corona-virus and its implications for our National Health System.

We would like to update you on three topics:

1. How our winery is managing the current situation:

  • we updated our DVR (“Documento Valutazione Rischi”, our Internal Risk Management Model) to integrate any risk related to the virus for our winery and our employees,
  • we introduced several forms of awareness and we made sure that in all our working spaces the minimum “safe distance” between employees is respected,
  • although we did not have any sign of any possible contamination, we implemented a severe sanitization process of all our winery spaces,
  • with our suppliers, we restricted face to face meetings at minimum, maximizing web/call interactions,
  • we continue to work and ship our goods as usual. So far, we did not face any major problem in the logistics phase,
  • tastings: of course we are not accepting any tasting request in this period, Italian people are not allowed to leave the house except for buying basic necessities or for work reasons, so for our and our customers safety we stopped our tourist accommodation waiting to welcome you in a more relaxed environment when all this has passed.

2. ProWein and Vinitaly

As ProWein has been canceled, you are welcome to visit our booth at VINITALY – Verona 14-17 June – in Hall 10 i 3. Let’s fix a meeting to discuss a strategy to strength our business and grow together.

3. Future development

Hopefully the Coronavirus problem will be solved in a couple of months. As soon as the situation is normalized and we can travel, we are at your disposal for a promotional action to increase sales and notoriety of our brand.

As said, overall, it is business as usual for us but…it is not life as usual unfortunately.
In difficult times, we value our partnership even more and we look forward to work together to diminish as much as possible the impact of this situation.
We hope to see you all in person in the coming months.

Demarie family