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Article IDEA – July 2013

Written by Monica Bizzini on 07 July 2013

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Saturday, August 3, 2013 the award ceremony is scheduled on the Roero wines competition of Roero 2013, competition organized for 13 years by the “Cavalieri di San Michele del Roero”. The weekly “Idea” has published an article, with photos, which also speaks of the last edition, in which we have been awarded as “Winemakers of the Year 2012”

“… Last year 51 producers attended the competition, presenting 191 samples (…)”

“As part of the ceremony will be proclaimed “winemaker of the year” the holder of the Roero wine cellar that has scored the highest number of award-winning wines with three” golden wheels “(symbol of the Roero) …”

“Photographs on these pages refer to the award ceremony of Roero Wine Competition 2012. The association led by Grand Master Charles Rista at that time crowned “winemaker of the year” Giovanni Demarie of Vezza d’Alba”